The Sophisticated Manager by Jack Litewka

“It took me 14 years to reach the executive level at Weyerhaeuser.  If I would have had what I call "Jack's How-To Book", I could have reached my goal 3 to 5 years sooner.  That’s a big difference!  Jack's book, which I read pre-publication, should be in every manager’s library and should be assigned reading in all business schools.”

—Darrel Stutesman, Director of HTI Polymer, Inc.;

formerly, Sales Executive at The Weyerhaeuser Company

“This book is a masterpiece.  I enjoyed reading every page of it.  The insight and wisdom it contains are invaluable, and although I’m a very experienced manager, I learned a lot from reading it – and had more than a few ‘Duh!  I wish I had known/done that’ moments.”

—David Wertheimer, Deputy Director for Strategy, Planning & Management,

Global Foundation

“I am so grateful to Jack Litewka for providing us with his years of hands-on experience and organizational observations.  I have seen and been a part of organizations, from Fortune 500 to startup companies, where the necessary investments in manager training have not been made.  Jack offers tremendously valuable insights – important not only to new managers but also to veteran managers.  I was fortunate to get a pre-publication peek at some of this book's chapters, and I have already benefited from his coaching.”

—Eric King, Senior Manager, System Integration Architecture,

Startup Company

“Jack's work is unforgettable.  Read his book.”

—Marcia Antopol, Foundation Executive

“Jack has honed his management skills to the level of mastery.  Jack’s book provides the insights to accelerate the learning and minimize the pain that we all go through as part of the journey to become good managers.”

—Peter Rakoczy, President, Trillium Point Business Solutions

“I’m not surprised that this book’s concept is unique.  I love it, and I wish that I’d had it in my hands early in my management career – but I was luckier because I had Jack as my manager and personal coach.”

—Rob Epp, CEO/founder of;

formerly, Director of online properties at a Fortune 500 company

“In my more than two-decade career, Jack is the best manager that I have ever had.  I learned and grew more in my time with him than with any other manager or mentor.”

—Alison Ellard, Sr. Creative Professional;

formerly, Art Director and Sr. Product Manager at a Fortune 500 company

“The book is extremely useful, easy to absorb, and a really good read.  I had the opportunity to review some chapters before publication – and I couldn’t put it down.  It is world-class work!”

—Tim Sinclair, General Manager at a Fortune 500 company,

Big Data and Business Intelligence, China Market

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